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3 Simple Questions to Help Find Your Sweet Spot (+ Free Worksheet)

Are you still searching for your elusive career sweet spot? Maybe you stumbled across yours by accident. Or perhaps, like many an entrepreneur, you’ve had several attempts before you found it. Your Sweet Spot; the point where your success lies. A magical blend of your talents, what you love to do and what people will pay you for.

Well hello sweet spot.

If you’ve ever played a ball sport you’ll recall there’s this part on the racket or ball that has maximum impact when hitting the ball. It’s called the sweet spot. This is also the part of minimum impact for the hitter. The best results all round.

It’s similar in our work and business. If certain elements are not aligned, we’re not reaching our maximum impact. We are performing below par and outside of our zone of genius.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to your business or you’ve been in business for a while, revisiting your sweet spot is a great way to test the viability of new services or offers you might be planning.

Here’s three simple questions and steps you can take to help you find your sweet spot.

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  1. What am I great at?

Yes, these are your talents. Your most valuable currency and what comes natural to you. What do people compliment you on? Ask your friends or colleagues to describe you in three words! There could be something outside your ‘professional’ realm that’s not so obvious to you.

All your skills can be tapped into and leveraged in your work. The whole picture, this is what makes you unique.


  1. What do I love to do?

What brings you joy, makes your heart sing? Your true passions. These are the things you could do for hours without realizing where the time has gone.

Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it. Remember, a jack of all trades is a master of none.


  1. What are people willing to pay me for?

Without this step, you just have an expensive hobby. Your product or service has to be something of real value that your target market needs and that solves their pain point. You provide the solution and they are willing to pay for it.


Now, looking at all your answers, pick the common element that blends all three circles together. Your Sweet Spot is this meeting point of your answers to these three questions.

This is utopia, where your business and life feel amazing!

Remember, being good at something isn’t enough. People have to want what you have and be willing to pay for it too. Check in with your sweet spot every time you experience growth and stretching in new directions.

We’d love to hear from you, how did you find your sweet spot? Did you change careers multiple times? Did you stumble upon it?

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Editors Note:
If you’re looking at changing careers, launching a business or are just generally stuck and unfulfilled with your work, asking yourself the above questions is a fantastic start to figuring out your sweet spot.
If you’re still unsure after these questions and want to dive a little deeper into your specific ‘business personality’, I highly recommend Roger Hamilton‘s Wealth Dynamics Profile Test. It has been extremely helpful for both myself and my friends in business when it comes to working with your natural gifts and talents. When I did my profile test years ago, it was a light-bulb moment,and I still apply what I learnt on a weekly basis. – Melinda

Helen Roe

Business Growth Strategist at Helen Roe
Helen Roe is a Business Growth Strategist and Success Coach for women who want to lead an extraordinary life, doing work they love. She helps women entrepreneurs step into their value, package their expertise, present it and generate lasting profit.
Helen has over sixteen years in international marketing management and business development with global brands. She now helps driven entrepreneurs around the world to cultivate joy, connection, and abundance in their business and life.

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