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The 4 Fundamentals For Creating The Perfect Home Office Environment

Do you work from home? Your home office is a place where you work most days of the week, so it is important to make sure it is clean, organized, and kind to your body.

A bad home office could make you unproductive, or even result in health problems – check the 4 tips to help you create the perfect home office.


   1. Invest In The Right Equipment

To create the most efficient working space, make sure you have all the equipment you need – and nothing you don’t need. For instance, if you only use a printer a few times a year, it may be more beneficial for you to go to your local computer store and print there.
If you work online, put the router in your home office to guarantee the best possible signal. If you do a lot of your work over the phone, install a separate phone line in your office so it is always free and available for clients. Alternatively, you could get a separate work mobile.

Invest in back-up equipment, like a plug-in mouse and a plug-in keyboard, just in case your equipment starts malfunctioning. While it may feel like a bad move to spend money on a keyboard you may never use, it means you won’t have to take the day off work if your first keyboard stops working.


   2. Create Perfect Lighting

Looking at a screen all day during work can result in headaches and eye strain, so it is essential to make sure the lighting is perfect in your home office. Try to make sure there is a window in your home office, as natural lighting improves the mood of your home office and will help you to feel calm and relaxed. Try not to put a light right next to your computer screen, as the glare means you’re more likely to get headaches and eye strain.

It is often beneficial to have a lamp in your home office, as well as a main light. This means you can adjust the light throughout the day, so you can always see your screen clearly.


   3. Make Sure You Have Privacy

Interruptions while you work can take away your focus and drive – and if you work from home, you don’t have a boss watching you to make sure you work. Make sure your office is completely private to guarantee a productive day.

If there are people in your house while you work, invest in a good set of noise-cancelling headphones. A fan on a low setting is another way to cancel out background noise.

If you have a door to your office, keep a sign saying ‘Work Time’ on the door while you’re working. This lets your housemates or family know not to interrupt you without you having to tell them each day. Alternatively, set working hours and put them on the fridge for everyone you live with to see.


   4. Create An Organized Layout

The layout of your office is an essential part of how productive you will be each day. Everything should have a place – a messy office could leave you feeling distracted. Consider investing in stacker boxes or a filing cabinet so you can keep your work organized and easy to find. Get a pencil cup so you always know where your stationary is.

Make sure you have a comfortable chair, as you will be sitting in it for around 40 hours every week. Check out local office supply stores as they often sell office furniture designed to be used daily without putting strain on your back or neck.  You can buy affordable and comfortable office furniture online. 

It is important that your work space motivates you and makes you feel productive, so make sure you find your home office aesthetically pleasing. Buy a few pictures or posters that you like, and put them up out of your direct eye line – you want to enjoy your work space, but you don’t want to be distracted by it!


Do you have any more tips on how to create the perfect home office environment? Comment your ideas below – we’d love to hear your suggestions!

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