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5 Things Successful People Do To Reach The Top

Being successful requires a number of elements to fall into place. Some people become successful overnight without much thought, but this is uncommon to say the least. The majority of people have to implement rules and rituals to become a success and achieve the goal they crave so badly. So what is it that these people are doing that pushes them down the path to success?


They make their own luck

Some people just get lucky right? Right place, right time, they know the right people or they got the big break when they needed it. This is a farce, successful people don’t get lucky, they make it themselves.


Thomas Jefferson once said,

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have”


If you consistently put yourself into a position of opportunity, luck itself will follow.


Luck begets luck; it has an almost snowballing affect on other areas of your life. Yes, getting lucky once is sometimes enough but in life when everything is going right for you, doesn’t it seem like you are consistently getting lucky? That’s because when you’re out there making your own luck, more is drawn to you like a magnet.The same goes for when you’re down in the dumps and you can’t seem to catch a break. This mindset makes it difficult to attract any luck because subconsciously you’re not out there looking for it.


They never stop learning

​We live in an ever-changing world, where the latest information is out of date as soon as it’s published. On one level it’s sad that everything we learn will one day be obsolete, but successful people don’t look at it like that. Learning keeps you ahead of the curve no matter what field you’re in. The relentless pursuit of knowledge is what keeps successful people at the forefront of success.


There are so many different ways to learn today. You can take the more conventional route with college and University but these forms of learning are not really what I’m talking about here.


Pick up a book! I am the biggest advocate of reading; I love nothing more than working through a good book. I don’t just read business books either. They certainly have their place and can help you immensely, but there is more knowledge out there that can expand your thinking and subsequently help you enhance your life and your career. I read books on Philosophy, History, Self-improvement, Leadership and many more; I even pick up a novel occasionally. My advice would be to start with a set number of pages a week, if you manage that with ease, up the page count.


Online learning is now a huge factor in the development of people and careers. Sites like Alison and Udemy have really brought online learning to the next level, and with a course on pretty much anything, there is no reason why you can’t be learning a new skill.


They don’t replicate, they innovate

​Everything that will ever be needed has surely already been invented, how can anyone think of a new unique idea in today’s climate? Successful people don’t just want to improve on the now, they want to build the tomorrow. Innovation is what moves the human race forward and it takes a special person to demand more. People like Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla an Da Vinci spring to mind; do you think the world would look like it does today without them?


Being innovative doesn’t always mean you need a PhD in Computer Science or a Masters in Biomedicine. Some of the world’s greatest inventions have come from very humble backgrounds. Thinking of unique ideas requires an enormous level of creativity, so expanding your mind and being open to new possibilities is essential.


They always get back up

​Failing is part of life; from exams to companies, getting knocked down is something that everybody will experience during their lives. For successful people, it’s how they handle the next bit. A failure is only ever a stumbling block for successful people. Picking themselves up is just something that has to be done to achieve the end goal. Positivity, having faith in yourself and confidence in your own abilities will always pick you up after you’ve fallen down.


A lot of the time, this comes down to mindset. There is only so many times you can get back on your feet before you lose that positivity, believe me I know. You can however, train your brain to eliminate negativity, embrace positive thinking and build mental toughness.


They set goals, and don’t stop until they’ve achieved them

This to a certain extent, is the most important of the five. Successful people are goal orientated, everything in their lives points towards the one true goal that must be achieved at all costs. Without a goal, all the other rules fall apart. The reason successful people reach their goals is because they are relentless in the pursuit of them. They taste it, breathe it and live it everyday. It’s what pushes them on to achieve great things.


You can use the SMART principles to set goals along with various other methods but that’s not really the mantra of goal setting. When I say a goal, I mean a “calling”. It’s something you want to achieve so much that it’s bound to you like the very fibre’s in your body.



For successful people a goal is viewed as a hunt in a sparse winter. A pursuit that must be won at all costs.



The round up

​If you think being successful is all about fame, fast cars and big houses then maybe you’re right, but never forget the legwork that goes into becoming successful. Next time you read the paper or watch the TV and see a successful person, don’t think that their success was achieved by chance. The great thing is, the ability to become successful lies in every human, it just needs to be uncovered.




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