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“Here’s the thing: we’ve all been given one crazy lifetime each, to do with whatever we choose. It’s my belief, that we were all born with a little magic within us. You can tell by it makes our eyes sparkle when we’re doing something we’re passionate about or spending time with people we love. We come alive.

I believe we’re here to grow, connect, have fun and put our magic out into the world; and business is a great vehicle to do just that.

I see the market shifting, it’s no longer about having swimming pools worth of cash, or owning the biggest houses on the block. It’s about connection, making a difference, living the life you want (wherever you want, however you want – helloooo beach office!). It’s about fulfillment, inspiration and freedom; coming alive when you share what you love to do every day.

The way is being paved for passion-based businesses and leaders to emerge stronger than ever. They dominate niches, they make an impact and they connect people all over the world. That’s why I believe business (and ultimately your lifestyle as a whole) is half heart – and half hustle. It simply cannot be one without the other… or what’s the point? Money without the meaning is so 90’s.”

–   Melinda Edwards, Founder


TheRichDaily.com stands to inspire a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs that create businesses that fuel their passions, foster connection and make an impressive profit.

The new rich life is about purpose, meaning, passion, wealth, freedom and giving back. It’s about dreaming big, designing the type of lifestyle you want, pinpointing what you are here to offer the world, and committing yourself to that vision.

is what we’re here to help with.

Melinda The Rich DailyFounded by Melinda Edwards, The Rich Daily exists to encourage, inspire, support and light a fire under the behinds of the people challenging the status quo and making their dreams happen.

Melinda is insatiably curious about life, ideas and people’s unique stories. She’s passionate about entrepreneurship, personal development and psychology.

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