The Five Worst Things About Social Media

I recently published a video about the five worst things on social media in my opinion. Check it out below: Now despite my ranting, there were a couple of lessons in this video that I would like you to take note of. I’m going to cover those below with a


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The Balancing Act

One thing that we all struggle with as a parent is the inevitable balancing act of kids and our own desires. Those of use seeking to start our entrepreneurial journey, this can sometimes cause havoc along the way. Knowing that to get things off the ground they need huge amounts


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The Top 5 Accessories For Shooting Video On Your iPhone

We have one of the most powerful tools of today’s world in our pocket. The smartphone. We can call, text, update statuses, tweet, snap photos, snapchat and even shoot amazingly high-quality video. The new standard? 4K and we can do it from our pocket. A lot of people ask me, how


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Why you MUST publish your bloopers!

Why? Because it shows that you’re human and people relate to people. Watch my blooper reel from last week’s episode of A Dad’s Mission for Success show. I’ve recently started sharing my bloopers on Instagram like the one that is above. I’m not ashamed of it, quite the opposite. I


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Beating the overwhelm

How many times have you just sat there, hung your head and said, “I don’t know where to start?” Yeah, I’ve been there in fact I’m there most weeks. That’s why I wanted to write this post. To help you with beating the overwhelm of starting a new ‘thing’. The


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How To Avoid Burnout

This was a really great question, thanks for asking it Crystal. Why you may be thinking? Because it is something that I personally struggle with all the time. My inspiration will be flowing strong one day and the next I feel like I am spinning my wheels accomplishing nothing. It


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Making the first sale – 5 things I learned

Making the first sale and then another $700 online from selling a course was an amazing feeling. It was definitely one of the highlights of my entire online business career. If you don’t know my story, I’ve been trying to build a business unsuccessfully for a number of years. From


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How to grow the confidence to be on video

“I love your videos James, I really want to make some but…” Same story, different day. I hear this all the time from people I either know or have found me on YouTube. You know what, I get it. Making a video that places you in a vulnerable position, not


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3 Ways Vlogging Can Help Your Business Grow

When you think Vlogging, what do you see? I used to picture a 14-year-old girl who shared too much information about what was happening in her life. Oh, how times have changed. With the rise of so many successful full-time vloggers such as Casey Neistat, Ben Brown and Roman Attwood,


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The top 7 ways to use video on your blog

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, video is here to stay and it is the fastest growing medium online. YouTube currently reports over four billion views per day and Facebook is right up there with it too also reporting four billion views per day. It is also predicted