6 Steps to Create a Bare Bones and Profitable Social Media Plan

You can’t achieve success in any area of marketing without taking action. But it’s possible to take action too quickly. You want to take action only after you have a solid initial plan to act on; otherwise, you’ll end up doing things that don’t produce any results and only waste your


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How to Grow Your Blog Traffic by 20,000 Visitors a Month

Around eight months ago, I started a new blog in the marketing realm. When I first started out, my traffic was flat. But around four months ago, I figured out a process that has allowed me to grow my traffic consistently—a process I could replicate. I am now at a point


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The Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Channel

There are opportunities everywhere for content marketers. Different channels, different types of content, and different websites. One that I think is criminally underutilized is a little site you might have heard of: YouTube. It’s by far the largest video sharing site—nothing even comes close to it. Get this: YouTube has over


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A Recipe for Failure: 6 Mistakes Marketers Make When They Copy Tactics

You spend a lot of time reading blog posts and e-books to learn how to market your business more effectively. So, why isn’t it working? Sure, you might be getting some traffic, maybe even a few sales, but are you getting a stream of both that’s growing steadily? If you’re


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7 Ways to Make Your Brand and Content More Likable

Do your readers love you? Do they at least like you? These are serious questions even if they sound like questions you’d ask about your friends in grade school. People have more choice than ever before. Within 22 seconds, they can find 2-3 other blogs in your niche to read. Within


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How to Win on Facebook: 8 Lessons Learned From Analyzing 1 Billion Posts

If you want to know what works when it comes to marketing, you need to study the competition. This includes both the tough and the weak competition. By doing this, you can determine why the best succeed and why the others fail in their efforts. To do so effectively, you need to


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5 “Scary” Marketing Techniques That Are Worth the Risk

It’s the biggest productivity killer for any marketer… And no, it’s not a specific activity—it’s fear. Too many marketers know what produces results but are afraid to implement them. Instead, they’d rather spend their time doing something “safe,” like making their spreadsheets look pretty. These distractions don’t help you get anything


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How to Apply Lean Marketing to Your Content Based Business

Almost every entrepreneur has made this mistake… They spend months or even years building a product or a feature they think is going to change the world. And then the day comes to release their work to the world. Guess what happens? Crickets. Turns out, people didn’t really want a


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Save Time and Double Your ROI: A Guide to Applying the 80/20 Rule to Your Marketing

Marketing is rarely your only job… …even if you’re a marketer. Whether your job title is “marketer” or you own your own business and need to market it, marketing is only a part of your job. You probably also help out with sales, product development, customer service, and any other


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How to Improve Your Revenue Using Video Ads

As a marketer, you always want to be ahead of the curve. The most effective tactics are always the ones that the majority of marketers either haven’t adopted yet or haven’t been successful with yet. One of the current tactics that fall into that category is the use of video