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What Am I Committed To?

Some people talk about making New Year’s resolutions. Other people talk about taking time for gratitude. Both of these can be really great ways of closing one year and beginning the next, but at this time of year I believe there is no more powerful a question to ask than


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Are We Being Honest?

For many years people have told me they have admired my honesty. They’ve admired the way I’m not afraid to say what I am really thinking, to write in a candid, heartfelt way, and to wear my heart on my sleeve. Friends of mine have even told me they’ve sometimes


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Are You Taking Ownership of Your Dreams?

We all have a vision in our minds of how we’d like our life to unfold. We have certain things that we desire and regard as important to us. Some of these things are the obvious like family, friends, doing work we love, and being able to have a certain


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What Really Matters to You?

How much time have you spent stressing out or worrying lately? Being honest with yourself, how much energy have you been dedicating lately to agonising over the details or sweating the small stuff? We’re all leading busy lives these days, and as we cope with the constant demands on our


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Stop Being The Good Girl

Have you ever found yourself feeling stressed out and running around after everyone else, but then wondering why you’re doing it? Have you had a period in your life, or maybe that period is happening now, where you’ve put EVERYONE else’s needs before your own?   Maybe like me, you’ve


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What is Your Why? How This Question Keeps You On Track.

“What is your WHY?” I find myself asking this question often when speaking to people about reaching their goals. This is with individuals or even when I speak with audiences at keynote presentations. Sometimes people look oddly at me, confused, puzzled or even shocked that they really haven’t thought deeply about


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Why We Never Become Greater Than Our Goals

Whether you realise it or not, you are living within your own limits. These limits you have created yourself by going after your goals. It’s true. It sounds strange because goals are all about breaking limits and reaching new boundaries, but whilst we’re focusing on them, we are also limited


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Are You Living Your Core Values? The 1 Question That Reveals What Truly Matters To You

Research in the field of positive psychology tells us that people who live their everyday life in accordance with their core values have greater life satisfaction. When we value something we devote our time, energy, love, esteem and, in some cases, life to it. When our actions match our values


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Do Your Belief Systems Hold You Back?

We humans are so habitual by nature, but when we become attached to doing something in the way it’s always been done, we limit the possibility of expanding our consciousness. I watched my responses to challenging situations and events while I was traveling in the States recently. My resistance to new or unfamiliar


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5 Morning Rituals of Oprah Winfrey (+ Free Planner)

Success requires getting up early. Much can be accomplished within those few hours before dawn as morning rituals could set you up for success. In fact some business leaders accomplish more in those few hours than many average persons would in days. Oprah Winfrey’s example of making those few hours