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Do Your Belief Systems Hold You Back?

We humans are so habitual by nature, but when we become attached to doing something in the way it’s always been done, we limit the possibility of expanding our consciousness.

I watched my responses to challenging situations and events while I was traveling in the States recently.

My resistance to new or unfamiliar concepts would come up; often because I was attached to my old ways back home in Sydney, and I was unaccustomed to the different angles by which I could potentially view the world. It was also interesting to notice my transition back into my life with so many new resolves about my new work ethic coming up against old ingrained habits I’m rather attached to, because ‘I’ve always done it this way’.

Belief systems are incredible concepts. They’re like the switch that powers your electricity, or the frequency that connects you to your preferred radio station. They range from ‘I love my life’, or ‘But I’ve always done it this way’, to ‘I’ll never find a man that loves me’, or one of my favorites ‘You’ll never make money by doing what you love.’

They not only have the power to shape our reality and the quality of life we believe we’re entitled to, but belief systems also influence the people that come into our orbit and the way we ultimately interact with them.

It has been stated that the most successful people in the world are not necessarily the smartest or the nicest people in the room. It is he or she that is most adaptable to change that bears the greatest fruit of success.

Our belief systems will ultimately influence where we choose to live and work, how we choose to make our living, what we choose as a hobby and ultimately who we choose to surround ourselves with. The patterns of our childhood will impact our reactions to things like towels left on the bathroom floor, or dishes left in the sink, or the way we respond when a loved one gets angry at us, or an employer gives us feedback.

When we surrender to something larger and wiser than our individual consciousness we can relinquish attachments and learn to surrender.

Our beliefs are made up of the interpretations we have from our own personal experiences and are the way that we imagine the world exists, but this can also mean that we become stuck within our story. If we were physically, mentally or verbally abused by our family when we were younger, it’s likely that we view the world as an unsafe place, and find it difficult to trust people, possibly holding the expectation that we will be betrayed by someone close to us one day.

Our belief systems are so firmly entrenched in our lives, we don’t always realise how profound our attachment to them can be in our relationships. If the story we tell our loved ones does not empower us, and we repeat it enough times, we inevitably manifest the same outcome again and again.

It is very powerful to have a goal, but to be detached from a particular outcome opens us up to experiencing a high level of impartiality. It’s the ability to be detached that allows us to practice being flexible and subsequently gives us the opportunity to achieve so many greater experiences.

What have you let go of recently, or become a little more flexible about? How did you move past any resistance? I’d love to hear your thoughts..

Patty Kikos

Speaker, Blogger, Healer, Teacher at Patty Kikos
As a respected workshop facilitator, Patty Kikos holds a powerful space for life changing transformations. Her deep understanding of the body’s energy centers (the chakras), inspired her to merge kundalini yoga + energy healing into revolutionary chakra balance courses & workshops. Her 40 day e-course encourages busy spiritual seekers to maintain a daily practice and to impact global change.
When Patty isn’t lecturing on yoga teacher trainings or running retreats, she’s usually watching a sunset, walking her dog or trawling for vintage. A true romantic at heart means she also moonlights as a wedding celebrant and is constantly inspired by laughter, love and listening.


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