The Five Worst Things About Social Media

I recently published a video about the five worst things on social media in my opinion. Check it out below:

Now despite my ranting, there were a couple of lessons in this video that I would like you to take note of. I’m going to cover those below with a list I am going to call, the 5 things to do on social media:

1. Engage your audience

My first pet peeve is the video is that people who call themselves social media influencers quite often don’t interact on social media. How can you call yourself an influencer?

Lesson: Be social on social media. I know sometimes it can be hard to respond to all the tweets and messages, but we need to make time. Care about your audience and they will care about you!


2. Build relationships before asking for something

Number 4 on the video is my rant about people trying to add me on Facebook and then not engaging in conversation and asking me to like their page. Ahh, no. I am a traditionalist when it comes to Facebook. I segment a lot of my “friends” on there so that I can share specific items to people who will see value in it.

Lesson: Build relationships with people on Facebook. Don’t ask them to like your page immediately. 


3. Quit automating Twitter

Sure, there is a time and place for automation on Twitter. Using buffer to share articles and the occasional update about a new video/post/podcast is fine but stop sending auto DMs. It’s not personal and it’s spammy. When someone new follows you and you have time, flick them a DM or a @ and let them know you are grateful.

Lesson: Take the time to welcome your new followers and get to know them as much as you can.


4. Use Linkedin to build professional relationships

I am constantly receiving emails from people on Linkedin who are trying to see if I need a new SEO expert or sales assistant to generate new leads. If they took the time to understand me and what I do, they would see that in fact I don’t need that. Don’t spam people on Linkedin with sales pitches, it’s annoying. Use this to build professional relationships and use it to add value to other professionals that you connect with.

Lesson: Deliver value to other professionals and build meaningful referral networks using Linkedin.


5. Grow your followers organically

I wrote a good post on Linkedin a while ago about stealing your competitors Twitter audience, check it out here. The concept of that post is that you use a technique to locate people who are already interested in your niche. By following them and adding value to their lives, you will build a reputation and your audience will grow organically.

Lesson: Don’t waste your money on spam followers. Work hard to deliver value and your audience will grow.


Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It..

Open up a spreadsheet, write down ten ideas of ‘giveaway’ products that you could create as a thank you for your social media audience. I’ve got two reasons for issuing this mission. One, it gets you thinking about things that your audience actually wants, and two, it is over-delivering on value and will build your reputation as someone who genuinely cares!


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