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How To Avoid Burnout

This was a really great question, thanks for asking it Crystal. Why you may be thinking? Because it is something that I personally struggle with all the time. My inspiration will be flowing strong one day and the next I feel like I am spinning my wheels accomplishing nothing. It is a really big issue that a lot of us face when we are building our ‘thing’. Here is my response “how to avoid burnout”:

As you can see, I was lucky enough to include some of my favourite people in this video.

It is important when we are working incredibly hard on our ‘thing’ to remember to take time out. This is incredibly important if you are hustling on the side to get your thing off the ground so that you may leave your full-time job or transition to a new career.

So what can you do to relax and regroup? Here are my top 5 suggestions on how to avoid burnout:

1. Turn off your notifications on your devices for a set period

When I feel like I am heading towards burnout, I set a period of time that I will turn off all the notifications on my laptop and phone. I ask my wife to hold me to this so that I don’t sneak off and check Twitter that one more time.

2. Take a holiday

Take a weekend away or have a “staycation”. We like to get down the coast and hire a cabin for the weekend. We get out and go walking, the kids explore and we leave our phones in the car turned off. Getting away from the hustle for even a day can do wonders.

3. Do something that you haven’t done in a while

I used to love playing golf and going for a surf. I don’t do either of those things anymore. When I get overwhelmed or feel like I’m on a path for burnout, I’ll go out of my way to play a game of golf. This achieves two things: First, I don’t get to see the guys I play golf with a lot so I get a chance to reconnect and, second, it allows me a sufficient break to refocus myself before getting back in the home office.

4. Listen to music

This may not work for everyone, but it works for me. If I’m feeling stressed out, I’ll find a great playlist on Spotify and spend 15 – 30 minutes just laying there listening to music. More often than not this is at about 6 am when everyone is asleep and I know that I am not going to be interrupted.

5. Treat yourself

What is something you do on special occasions? Is it a massage or a nice dinner out? Whatever tickles your fancy, treat yourself and recenter yourself.


Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It..

I’d like you to leave a comment on this blog post telling me what you do to overcome stress and centre yourself when things get to be too much. After a while, I’ll compile a list of the best ones and share with the community.


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