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How to Get Clarity FAST!

I personally believe that we all have a tendency to over-complicate the things we want in life.


We say we want clarity (despite deep-down knowing what it is we want, even if it’s just started with a feeling), we certainly strive for it in everything we do, yet we can over-think, over-plan, over-ask, and literally run circles around ourselves with indecision on the thing we were probably more certain on than we gave ourselves credit for in the first place.


I had a great reminder recently on how to get clarity fast, and I’ll share with you right now that it didn’t come from hours and hours of journaling or tweaking or procrastinating. Nor did it come from asking anyone else what I should or shouldn’t do.


Nope. It came from taking action, right there and right then, without being granted any time to ‘think’ about things.


So I recently attended an amazing public speaking workshop and one of the tasks during the day involved us having to go and speak to as many strangers as possible about our cause or passion, and get their signature afterwards.


At first, myself and most others in our group thought our workshop leader was joking, but quickly realising she wasn’t, off we took to the streets with some fear and trepidation.


The first thoughts in my head and straight out of some people’s mouths were things that would perhaps mirror what you’re feeling in your business or life right now…


“But I can’t go and talk to anyone, I don’t know what I’m doing yet!”


“What if my message isn’t clear right now, I’m going to look stupid.”


And of course…


“What if no one wants to hear what I’ve got to say?”


But of course, when you’re forced to take fast action and make quick decisions, there is no room for the logical side of your brain to chime in with thought, worry, or over-analysing, and so off we went, notepad and pen in hand and hearts in our mouths, hoping people would listen to us.


Now bearing in mind most of the people in the room that day weren’t business owners and hadn’t had any time to ‘hone their message’ or think in detail about what they wanted to bring to the world, pretty much everyone got signatures on their pieces of paper. But signatures or not, we were reminded by our host on our return that it was never the signatures that were the important part of the exercise.


The important part was that we took action, we faced our fears, and we went and talked to strangers from our hearts about what was important to us.


And it was just such a great reminder for me that OUR CLARITY COMES FROM A PLACE OF ACTION.


Yes of course strategy helps, and yes of course we need to work on our mindset, but ultimately, if we’re not in a consistent place of action in business or in life, we can end up confused, defeated, and in massive resistance to doing much of, well, anything at all!


I know how seductive it can be to feel the need to wait until you’re ‘ready’ to start a new project.


I also know oh so well, how tempting it can be to enroll on just one more webinar or business coach’s email list to find out ‘the secret’ to formulating a bullet-proof plan for your business.


But the problem with this place if we stay in it for too long, is that we’re doing what we humans are conditioned to do and that is to ask everyone else (except ourselves) for their opinion about our work.


And most importantly, from this place, we’re not taking any aligned action of our own.


So if you’re feeling confused, distracted, frazzled, depleted or if you’ve been considering throwing in the towel lately, ask yourself this question right now:




Because the chances are that eve though you’re in tune with your intuition, you’ve been hiding, running those circles, or asking everyone else for their opinion, when ultimately you KNOW what you’d like to do next, you KNOW what you’d like to create, and you KNOW who you’d like to connect with.


So before you return to your ‘to-do list’, ask yourself what one action can you take right now that will propel you forward?


And then do it, right now, take the action, and stop giving that left side of your brain any time to over-think it!



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Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards

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