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How To Keep Learning And Having Fun As An Adult

It’s hard being an adult. With work, paying the bills and keeping the house tidy it can all feel a bit rinse and repeat. Wake up, breakfast, go to work, come home, cook dinner, sleep. Who said being a grown up was fun, hey? If you find yourself bemoaning the need to be sensible and grown up all the time, maybe it’s time to approach the world with a different spirit of never ending curiosity and playfulness.


Psychologists suggest that having fun and being playful is crucial to staying mentally healthy and lowering stress, while other people think it helps you lose weight! Whatever your motivation, having fun should be an important part of your schedule because let’s face it long hours in the office aren’t going to win you any brownie points.


In fact, Manfred Kets De Vries, INSEAD Professor of Leadership Development and Organisational Change states in his recent Forbes article:


“In today’s networked society we are at risk of becoming victims of information overload. Introspection and reflection have become lost arts as the temptation to ‘just finish this’ or ‘find out that’ is often too great to resist. But working harder is not necessarily working smarter. In fact  slacking off and setting aside regular periods of ‘doing nothing’ may be the best thing we can do to induce states of mind that nurture our imagination and improve our mental health


So if continual connection to your multiple screens, long working hours and no “you time” are leaving your uninspired, unproductive and longing for a break, take some of these ideas to get you started on your way to reintroducing fun and creativity to your daily task list!


Take up a childhood activity

There’s a new craze out there for adult colouring in, have you heard? Break out that 72 pack of Derwent pencils and buy yourself one of the dozens of colouring books to get started. This activity is supposedly meant to be a form of meditation, but more than that it’s fun activity that gives a sense of accomplishment.


Expand your mind

The School of Life offers classes to get you thinking and questioning your behaviours. If you’re based in Melbourne you can attend a class in person, or if you find yourself elsewhere sign up to their Book of Life newsletter and receive emails about topics such as FOMO and What babies can teach us.


Learn something just for fun

Remember learning how to ride a bike as a kid and the moment the training wheels came off? Learning something because it’s fun, rather than a necessity, is an easy way for bringing a slice of childhood wonder and achievement to your week. Ever wanted to know how to hoola-hoop, signwrite or make your own kombucha? Enroll in a class at Work-Shop who offer a fun array of unusual classes around the country.


Join a community

Making new friends as an adult can be tricky, especially when we confuse online socialising with the real deal, so why not join a community that helps you meet like-minded people IRL? Whether it’s a running club, a singing club, or a community like Yelp that will have you socialising over cocktails, meeting and making new friends is a great way to inject a little energy to your life.


When there’s an adult pre-school in Brooklyn taking advantage of the opportunities to dabble in areas that interest you might seem entirely self-indulgent, but if it helps keep you focused, engaged and maybe even uncover an unhidden talent what harm can it be to just explore?


What keeps you young at heart and having fun?


Tresna Lee

Tresna Lee

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Seceding from the corporate world to indulge her passion for food, hospitality and travel, Tresna became a waitress, created a food blog and started food tour business Geisha 2.0.
These experiences coupled with her love for Melbourne lead her to Yelp, a website that connects locals with great local businesses. At Yelp Tresna builds communities across Asia Pacific.
Tresna Lee

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