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Why you MUST publish your bloopers!


Because it shows that you’re human and people relate to people. Watch my blooper reel from last week’s episode of A Dad’s Mission for Success show.

I’ve recently started sharing my bloopers on Instagram like the one that is above. I’m not ashamed of it, quite the opposite. I embrace the fact that I’m not perfect.

As I travel down this road that is the journey from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur, I realise more and more that people are looking to connect with people and not with brands. I think this is particular evident based on the huge number of friend requests I’ve been getting on Facebook compared to the miniscule number of page likes (hint, hint).

Bloopers do something that our videos don’t, they show the world that we are human and that it is okay to make mistakes. I know for a long time I would look up to all these successful entrepreneurs and wonder, “how do they not make any mistakes?” The fact is, we all make mistakes and these influencers, not everything they touch turns to gold.

Sharing our mistakes and failures instills a sense of hope and confidence in others who are on similar journeys. It shows them that it isn’t all rainbows and unicorn pony rides. You never know who is reading your blog post or watching your video so don’t hold back.

This is partly the reason why I am sharing my monthly mission updates. I could have lied to you all and told you that I am wildly successful and make loads of cash. But that is just horse sh*t. Transparency is relatable and being open and honest creates trust and loyalty with our fellow comrades. This is why you must share your bloopers, if not on video, in a blog post or podcast.

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It….

Share with me a time that you’ve made a mistake or failed. Leave a comment below and let’s share our misfortunes and show everyone that this thing isn’t all dollars and cents, it’s actually hard ass work!


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