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Permission To Be Lazy

I know the word lazy, I know it very well.


I hear my private clients say it all the time.


“I feel so lazy at the moment.”


And I get it, because it used to be my ‘word’ too.


For many years, especially whilst climbing the corporate ladder, despite working extremely hard I would at times label myself as ‘lazy’.


For some reason, I always thought I had to be ‘doing, doing, doing’, but often I found feeling like I was never getting anything done, never finished, always feeling I wasn’t enough, and it was a habit I found very hard to shake when I first went into business on my own.


But when we’re going through any transition, whether it’s setting up our own business, learning a new skill, or entering into a new relationship, if all we’ve ever known how to do is be ‘busy’, move fast and just ‘do’, then that is all we are going to keep doing.


And when we’re not super busy, when we’re not moving at a hundred miles an hour, up pops the lazy label again.


Now, I’m a huge advocate of staying in action, because keeping in a place of action keeps fear and overwhelm at bay, but only if that action is aligned, only if that action is consistent, and only if that action feels in flow, and dare I say it, easy.


Yes that’s right; it’s OK for things to feel easy in business and in life in general.


Perhaps like I used to, you are still holding a belief right now that ‘work’ has to feel hard, a struggle, a constant slog?


Perhaps you believe that going after what you really love is going to be hard at first, and that it should feel like hard work most of the time?


Now of course I’m not negating the required ‘hustle’ here, I’m not saying that the life we want doesn’t require us to work hard, but there has to be a point, a balance of some kind, where we are giving ourselves permission to find the ease in what we are doing.


If we don’t, we’re often just struggling, pushing against the tide and winding up wondering why it feels like nothing’s happening.


And when nothing is happening, when we’re hearing crickets, our inner mean girl can sometimes chime in with the old “You’re so lazy” line right when we least need to hear it!


No wonder we end up in such a mess right?


You see the thing is, the times when you’ve often labelled yourself as lazy are the times when what you actually need to do instead of battling with yourself over feeling that way, is simply lean into that down-time.


Newsflash: You don’t have to be 100% ON all the time in your business, or anywhere else in your life.


Have you ever noticed how when you step away from something for a while, you get the most brilliant idea?


Or have you also perhaps experienced that moment of peace or clarity when you just allow yourself to relax, take a half day to yourself, or hell, even a day off?


How about instead of continually beating yourself up for not getting shit done, crossing things off that ridiculous to-do list of yours (and yes it is ridiculous, I hate to-do lists, but that’s for another post), or running around like a headless chicken, you actually give yourself the permission to find ease in what you’re doing?


Find ease in how you move, breathe, walk, think.


Find a way that essentially, makes everything feel easier to you.


What do you need to remove the pressure from yourself so that you can raise your vibration to a plane where you will naturally be more creative, get more done, and feel more organised, because it will feel easy to you?


So it will feel automatic?


If it means you need to take a day off to yourself, simply to walk around your city or get back to nature with an afternoon spent in the park, go do it.


You have my full permission to be lazy.


But in the meantime, please lose the lazy label darling.


And just see how that feels for a while.


Because you are anything but lazy.


You are in fact, deserving of being able to have more time for yourself, your thoughts and your creativity.


Because busy doesn’t equal successful.


Crazed and stressed doesn’t mean that things are always working.


Sure you can be busy, but do it with ease.


Be busy with the things you love, the stuff that you enjoy, with the people that you can’t wait to spend time with.


And that might mean that things feel easy and take a lot less time, and so if they do, so what?


You have got to stop feeling guilty or feeling lazy because you’re finally tapping into your strengths.


Work is supposed to be fun.


Work is supposed to feel easy.


But I know that for now that might still feel strange for you, so just enjoy it and for the time being, shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.




This article has been republished with permission, and originally appeared on www.natedwards.co.uk

Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards

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