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Stop Being The Good Girl

Have you ever found yourself feeling stressed out and running around after everyone else, but then wondering why you’re doing it?

Have you had a period in your life, or maybe that period is happening now, where you’ve put EVERYONE else’s needs before your own?


Maybe like me, you’ve always been the ‘good girl’.


She did great at school.

She felt pressure to be the best.

She wanted to please her parents, her teachers, her friends, her mentors.

She wanted to make sure everyone was OK and make sure everyone accepted her in return.

And when it came to love, she wanted to give her heart fully, to support, to shoulder the other person’s responsibility at times.


Sound familiar?

Well I was right there with you. I was the good girl too.


But you know what? Being the good girl became completely exhausting and during my mid-twenties, I switched things up a little.

Okay a LOT.

I let my bad girl come out.

Drink. Drugs. Parties. One night stands. Toxic relationships with ‘bad boys’.

I rebelled big time and said a big ‘fuck you’ to anything or anyone that tried to keep me caged. Except my corporate career. Somehow amongst the partying and late nights I still managed to show up for that every day, except looking back I don’t really know how I did that and held it together.

And then I mellowed. I found yoga. I realised I needed to heal myself. I took my life back again and worked on my values and visions with coaches and mentors. I put myself through therapy and sorted out a lot of my issues.

The good girl was back.


Until I realised, not that long ago, that swinging between these labels is so unhealthy.

I mean who the fuck is the good girl anyway?


It’s my belief that anything we’re doing where we are subconsciously labelling ourselves basically sucks because no matter whether we’re doing lines on a Friday night or drinking our green smoothie every day, we’re editing ourselves to fit in a nice little box.


We’re still trying to fit into a mould, shaped around a set of beliefs that we can’t manifest the life we really want, or that we can’t be independent, or that we’ll always have to make sure we have control over everything, just in case something goes wrong.


But you know what? Enough already.

I have no more space left for the good girl who is trying to cling desperately onto the belief that she needs to make everyone else happy or that things just might not work out for her.

I definitely don’t have time for the bad girl anymore (I mean, she was fun at a party and everything but ultimately she was a confused mess of a person).

But the point is, I don’t want to label myself and I don’t want you to either.


Because I’m not a girl anymore.

I’m a woman who has faith, trusts her intuition and knows that she no longer needs to stay stuck in any beliefs that are rooted in fear.

And I know you are too. I KNOW you’re ready to let go of these silly masks you’ve been told you have to wear to please other people when it comes to relationships, money, work, your lifestyle choices.

So what would it feel like to just LET GO right now, of being the good girl, or the bad girl, or the lazy girl, or the embarrassing laugh girl, and just be YOU for once?




And fucking trust that you’re going to be ok.

Because if we all just trusted in ourselves, believed in ourselves and had complete faith in our abilities, then my god would the world be a different place!

We don’t have to stay stuck in a pattern where we run ourselves ragged because we believe that we have to as some kind of weird safety net.

None of us have to struggle.

If you make space for what you really want, trust, get your vibration up, and learn the lessons that your overwhelm is slapping you in the face asking you to learn already, then oh my god your life will COMPLETELY change.

It doesn’t have to be hard. You’ve already got everything you need. It’s high time you started doing more of what feels good for you and letting go of ANYTHING that’s taking you out of that beautiful flow you’ve spent all this time creating.

So open up, drop the label, start doing what’s best for YOU and show up fully for once with the belief that everything is going to work out.


You’ve got this, I promise. x



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Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards

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