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Stop Playing Small

Are you playing small right now?


Can you feel yourself conforming to fit in?


Perhaps even squeezing your brilliance into a little box?


Sometimes in life, we play by the rules without even realising we’re doing it. If we’ve had a lifetime of conditioning that we have to follow a ‘plan’ or system or achieve certain things by a certain age, then it’s all we know and it’s all we keep doing. But wasn’t it Einstein who said doing the same thing but expecting different results is the definition of madness?


And maybe you’ve been feeling a little crazy lately?


Well I get it, I’ve been there, so let me ease that craziness for you right now.


If you’ve been wondering why things haven’t been working, it’s not because you haven’t been trying hard, it’s not because you are slowly going mad, it’s because something else is going on.


There’s a block.


There’s an underlying belief that’s still hanging around.


And until you shift it, no matter how hard you try and ‘do’, you won’t move forward.


When we’re playing small, it’s usually because deep down we’re scared.


Scared we won’t get the results we really want.


Scared we won’t be ‘ready’ when we do start to see results.


Scared we don’t really have what it takes.


But ultimately, we’re scared of our own power.


Terrified in fact.


I know you’ve felt this way, I know I have!


And guess what, it IS scary, because you ARE powerful, and the first time you acknowledge that and perhaps get even a taste of what it feels like to powerfully attract or manifest something you’ve been dreaming about all your formally pre-programmed life, it can seriously freak you out.


I did that?


That person said yes?


I created this?


Hell yes you did!


But then what we, especially women, very sneakily do is instead of stepping up and OWNING that amazing power and congratulating ourselves, and dare I say, even celebrating it, what do we do instead?


We shrink.


We shy away.


We say, “But let’s not get excited, let’s just see how things go.”


Or even, “Well it was only a small thing I did, I had some help.”


Stop doing that.


Stop playing small.


I had to tell myself to stop doing that and I want to tell you the same.


Start OWNING how awesome, powerful, beautiful, strong and truly brilliant you are right now.


And start celebrating your achievements and really believing that these things you are attracting aren’t luck, they are the results of your powerful vibration and your god damn hard work!


Check in with where you’re at right now, because I know you’ve been doing amazing things lately but perhaps not fully realising all that you have powerfully achieved.


  • What would it feel like to really step up right now?
  • How would it feel in your body?
  • Who would you be if you were fully in your power, no longer struggling with playing small, but instead playing full out as the unedited person you are at your very core?
  • What would that person be saying?
  • How would she be moving, breathing, eating, living, behaving?
  • What would be non-negotiable for you to be able to play at your fullest, most vibrant self?


These are all questions to ask yourself so you can discern what you’re currently clinging to that you no longer need to, what you can let go of, and what you need to do, or even better, how you need to FEEL to be able to start showing the world just how awesome you really are.


I know it can feel uncomfortable to do this at times, because playing bigger means we have to essentially allow ourselves to be vulnerable.


But ask yourself now, if you would rather be waking up and trusting your intuition every day, or if you want to keep hiding and potentially struggling?


Because it’s that simple, it really is just that straight forward.


It’s just about making a decision.


So decide to play bigger, drop the hustle, drop all the crap you’ve been struggling with, and start knocking down those bigger dominos.


You know, the ones you REALLY want to go after?


Because when you stop hiding, when you decide to be done with apologising for your brilliance and playing small, not only do amazing things happen, but they happen with ease.





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Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards

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