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Are You Taking Ownership of Your Dreams?

We all have a vision in our minds of how we’d like our life to unfold. We have certain things that we desire and regard as important to us. Some of these things are the obvious like family, friends, doing work we love, and being able to have a certain standard of living. We might also desire material things or the ability to take as many holidays as we want to. And we might dream of being able to fulfill childhood ambitions, meet certain people, and be able to share a message that we think is important for others to hear. But whatever you dream about, if you’re really serious about those dreams coming true, it’s not enough to just keep dreaming, it’s up to you to take action to make them happen.

So let me ask you, are you taking ownership of your dreams right now? Or are you still sitting in the dreaming, waiting and hoping phase?


Well I’ve got some news for you; nobody’s coming to save you and that shiny silver platter, it’s not going to materialise out of thin air.


Maybe you’re currently where I used to be in life. Wishing, praying, longing for something to change with your current situation (maybe it’s work, or a relationship) so that you have a ‘perfect’ amount of spare time to start getting your teeth into your real ideas and what you ACTUALLY want to be doing with your time on earth, or start ‘making a plan’ for when things will happen.

Now I’m not saying that prayer and planning isn’t powerful, and I’m not saying that regular dreaming is a bad thing either because it’s where our creations are born. BUT, there comes a point when it’s really about taking ownership of what you want, and by that I mean simply deciding that you will not stop until your dreams are fully realised.

We can plan all we want, we can hope all we want, and we can wait for the perfect time (which by the way never actually comes), OR we can simply start now and take aligned action towards our bigger vision.


This can sound scary when our dreams seem so huge and impossible to us, but the first step doesn’t have to feel so terrifying.


Taking ownership isn’t complicated. It simply just requires you to step up and decide that your dreams are no longer just dreams, but they are in fact already your reality and there are simple shifts you can make right now to switch immediately over to this powerful mindset…


  • Stop saying “One day”, “I hope”, “I think”, or “I wish”. These are words of lack, uncertainty, and certainly not those of ownership. Instead start saying “I know”, “It will”, and “I’m doing this now”. Hasn’t just reading that made you feel more empowered?
  • Start writing down your requests to the Universe in a notebook and be specific with what you’re asking for. If its money, write a precise figure down before taking action, and if it’s a certain situation you want to manifest, describe it in explicit detail so the picture in your mind becomes more real (AND so the Universe can actually understand what the hell it is you want). As soon as something is in black and white it instantly MAKES it more real in your mind.
  • And then start taking small actions in accordance with those visions and requests. As I mentioned above, this part doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. For instance, maybe your future vision is one of you looking healthier or slimmer but you’ve been saying “I’ll start when X has finished” or “I’ll start next month”. This is going to send really weird signals to the Universe. Do you want this to happen or not? How about starting with something small right NOW? And instead of pushing yourself into a crazy new exercise regime that your body isn’t ready for, start by simply swapping your morning sugar-loaded chai latte for a cup of warm lemon tea. Whatever it is you’re doing, take a baby step, but ensure that it’s a baby step in the direction of your vision. Then each week, see how you can add another step. Simple.


Ownership and really deciding to OWN who you are, your dreams and the awesome creativity and potential you have inside of you is really about moving into total alignment with what you want. Decide to be DONE right now with saying you want something and then doing precisely nothing about it. And if what you want still isn’t crystal clear yet, don’t worry, don’t let that stop you! Your vision will become clearer the more actions you decide to take. Perhaps you’re at the stage where you know more about what you DON’T want rather than what you do. If so, great, you’re in a privileged position because now you can gradually get rid of what isn’t working for you in life.

The true ability to own your creativity and potential is also about taking a look at where you’re currently making, or have previously been making, excuses. We’re all pre-programmed to make these so don’t beat yourself up. Some of yours might have been similar to my old ones; “I’m too ‘busy’ to start something new”, “I can’t afford to do X”, “I have to stay in my job because it pays the bills”, or “It’s so hard and I can never find the time to stick to X”.

Do you really expect your life to change if you continue to talk this way? Enough already.


Decide NOW that you’re going to start owning what you really want and the first way to do that, the first and most simple way to step back into your place of power, is to STOP MAKING EXCUSES.


So now you’ve had a chance to digest all of this, allow me to invite you to take a moment to write down all the ways you are currently out of alignment with what you really want.

And again, if what you really want isn’t clear, it doesn’t matter, it just has to start with a feeling.

So where in your life are you currently doing things you don’t want to do?

Where in life are you currently doing things that you don’t enjoy and that don’t make you feel GOOD?

And what excuses have you been making? What words have you been using that feel in lack, untrue, and not in alignment with who you really are and what you REALLY think?


Be honest with yourself. I dare you.


Because once you’ve got that list written, it will be so much easier for you to decide how you’re going to approach all of those things differently, see where you can make small tweaks and changes, and make gut-based decisions on what you’re going to do instead.

Start owning your dreams.

Start owning your awesome power.

Start owning your brilliance and intelligence.

It really is a heart-breaking thing to see your beautiful talent go to waste.


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