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What Really Matters to You?

How much time have you spent stressing out or worrying lately?

Being honest with yourself, how much energy have you been dedicating lately to agonising over the details or sweating the small stuff?

We’re all leading busy lives these days, and as we cope with the constant demands on our time and energy and look for the flow versus struggle, it’s inevitable that we might at times find ourselves wrapped up in the details, frantically problem solving, or letting our heads take over business.

A little anxiety is OK when it’s just our adrenalin kicking us into gear, a little doubt at times is OK too, but it’s when we STAY in these places that we lose momentum and get stuck.

If you’ve found yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or just living way too much in the future and worrying about outcomes or results, take a breath right now and ask yourself “Does this really matter?” “Does the stuff I’m focusing on right now actually matter to me?”

The reminders that life is short are all around us every single day, but if we’re not being present within ourselves and appreciating the moments, we’re likely to miss those reminders and keep forging ahead being busy with no clear road map of where on earth we are actually going.

Now of course I understand the concept of responsibility and having phases when you do really just need to ‘get shit done’, but if you’re not staying connected to what matters to you and WHY within that masculine energy, then what’s the point of it all? And what’s the hurry?

There’s no time like the present to ask if the stuff you’re worrying about or the things you’re doing really matter.

Everybody has a different set of values and priorities and planning and working to goals is what motivates us, but we also have to accept the fact that we cannot control everything. We have no control over what will happen 2 minutes from now, a week from now, a month or a year. And the more familiar and comfortable we can become with this concept, the easier we’ll begin to find our day to day.

I don’t know the answers for each of us when it comes to living a ‘perfectly balanced’ life, because we all have our own personal challenges and external stressors, however, what I do know for certain is this…


The only thing that really matters in this life, when everything is stripped away, is love.

The only people that are really important and are the ones you’ll be thinking about and being grateful for in a time of need, are your family and friends.

And really the only thing you have to get to know and stay connected to in order for you to live the most fulfilled life possible for YOU, is your heart.


When you’re living from a place of love and connection, and when you’re connected to your heart, it means you’re living your truth. And when you’re living your truth, it’s very difficult to get caught up in stuff that simply doesn’t matter. Feeling positive and connected means you’re present, and when you’re present within yourself, within your body, and with what your heart wants, you’re more open to abundance, to the signs and signals all around you, and to letting go of the outcome and surrendering your plan to the Universe.


So what really matters to you?

Is it really the bills, the washing up, the things your partner didn’t help you with last night, or the fact that client didn’t pay you on time again?

Or is it the people you love, being able to be creative, looking after yourself and opening up to possibility?


Life is too short to waste on the crap that doesn’t matter and its way too short to stay stuck in stories or blame towards others. By focusing on what’s important and what actually holds meaning for you, you will begin to attract more of that into your life with ease and flow.

Becoming fully present and heart-focused doesn’t need to take hours every day, it can start with just 1-2 minutes each morning of breathing into your heart.

Place your hands on your heart right now, breathe into your heart as you feel it beating, and ask if what it wants. It really is that simple. A daily practice of simple asking “How can I make you happy today?” “How can I have some fun today?” And “What can I do today that is going to light me up?”

Take time to get clear on what matters to you, write a list of your values and keep it where you can see it. And then each day, ask yourself and your heart if you are acting, thinking and speaking in accordance with those values.

It’s easy to get caught up in the details and because it’s pre-programmed within us, even though it causes us stress and pain, we usually default to this option. Deciding to take a different path, a more heart-focused one, is the tougher option because it requires us to be honest with ourselves about what we really want. But ask yourself which of these choices you want to make…


Living and acting in fear and worry.

Or living and acting from a place of bravery and love.


This article has been republished with permission, and originally appeared on www.natedwards.co.uk

Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards

Coach & Mentor at Natalie Edwards
Natalie guides courageous entrepreneurs to reconnect to their hearts and get their most aligned work out into the world. A certified Forrest Yoga and iRest meditation teacher, Natalie weaves these aspects into her coaching, setting the stage for deep and soulful enquiry with her clients, allowing them to get to the heart of what they want from business & life and focus on the work that matters to them the most.
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