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What to Do When It Feels Like Nothing’s Working

Sometimes we hit a wall, in business or in life, and we just can’t push through it.


Sometimes we feel stuck or perhaps feel as though we’re just going through the motions with something, and even though it’s what we set out to do, we’re left wondering if it’s still the right path when things seem quiet or slow.


I think the biggest lesson I’ve learnt on my entrepreneurial road so far is that I need to have more patience, and I think we all do. Patience for allowing what we’ve created to grow wings.


Patience within the knowledge that we’ve planted seeds and we know we need to trust them to grow. Patience for our message to develop and grow loud enough for others to hear it. And patience with ourselves rather than continually feeling that we haven’t done enough, that we should have done things differently, or that WE aren’t enough or well-prepared enough for this journey.


But how can we stop hitting the panic button when things go quiet, when it feels like all our leads have dried up, or when it just feels like we’re banging our heads against a brick wall? Well here’s the secret I’ve learnt that’s served me best so far about what to do when it feels like nothing’s working…


Are you ready for this?


The answer is simple…


Keep going.


Keep showing up every day and getting your message out.


Keep challenging yourself every single day to think of new ideas that you can share with your client list, your blog readers, or the whole world!


If you’re a writer, keep writing.


If you’re a designer, keep creating and designing.


If you’re a coach, keep talking to people about what you do.


If you’re at the start of your journey of exploration or career change, keep searching and asking questions.


We can’t just stop when it feels like nothing is working, because even though it may feel that way to us, especially entrepreneurs, you never know who is watching what you’re doing, reading what you’ve written, or listening to that audio you created.


Be consistent and you’ll find that not only does your voice and message become stronger, so does your mindset.


On a particularly ‘meh’ day I asked my coach “What do I do when I feel like giving up or find myself worrying that nothing is working?” and she gently reminded me that the whole reason we go into business or create a different life for ourselves is because of the journey, and that journey isn’t going to mean that every day is going to feel awesome.


Some days your energy will be slower, some days will feel like you’re wading through treacle, and some days you’ll feel like nothing is working. It felt good to be reminded that consciously or not, that’s actually what we sign up for when we start a business.


We didn’t want the life where we’re only working certain hours in one location and doing the same thing day in day out, instead we wanted the journey, and being on that journey means being committed to the whole process, every day, no matter how you feel.


It’s not an option to ‘clock off’ on Friday night and come back on Monday, it’s about showing up every single day and asking what you need to do to KEEP GOING, because the refusal to quit, no matter what you’re working towards in life, is EVERYTHING.


It’s why we’re here, for the success, the wealth and the amazing, extraordinary life we’re looking for, and to get to the extraordinary, we have to be willing to put in the work.


So keep going.


Do the work even on the days it feels as though it’s not ‘working’ or on the days you’re not sure you have the energy.


Don’t just wait for moments of inspiration.


You’ve planted the seeds and they WILL grow.


So just commit to finding enjoyment in the process without attaching to the result, pick yourself back up, and continue on.


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Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards

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Natalie guides courageous entrepreneurs to reconnect to their hearts and get their most aligned work out into the world. A certified Forrest Yoga and iRest meditation teacher, Natalie weaves these aspects into her coaching, setting the stage for deep and soulful enquiry with her clients, allowing them to get to the heart of what they want from business & life and focus on the work that matters to them the most.
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