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When All Else Fails, Return to This

There’s no doubt that the world we live in can at times be a terrifying place.


Other people’s actions can feel confusing to us.


And things that happen can cast shadows of doubt over even the most hopeful and positive of beings.


We can try to unpick evil or wrong doing.


We can try to understand why.


We can even pray for the people who make decisions to harm others in the hope that they will realise they are able to take a higher path.


And we can also choose to dwell, to feel sadness, and anger.


But where does this leave us?


Often it can leave us more confused, unsure of our own next steps, feeling defeated, and at a loss as to how we can motivate ourselves to continue to hope for change on this earth.


Sometimes it can feel like we have no idea where to turn, but there is a place that no matter what happens, we can continue to go to seek solace when we cannot explain the things that happen in life.


When all else fails, we can return to love.


We can return to connection.


We can return to each other.


And we can return to our hearts and their yearning to unite with others who share the powerful emotions that we are privileged enough to feel.


Most of the time, when human beings commit wrong doing against each other, it’s because they’ve been starved of connection, of community and of meaning in their lives, and because of that they’ve also been starved of love, so the only place they know how to interact with the world from, is one of fear.


So by us ensuring we keep returning to cultivate love within ourselves, so we grow stronger and shine our lights brighter, to remind ourselves that love is the one thing that will continually connect and strengthen us all.


Because no matter what happens, everything comes down to love.


We cannot control the future.


We cannot change the past.


We cannot control the world and how people choose to live their lives.


We cannot control what other people choose to believe in.


But we can control and invest our energy in our capacity to love ourselves and one another.


Love can never be taken from us no matter what unfolds.


Every moment we are here, with every breath, we can choose to decide whether or not we act from a place of love or fear.


There’s never an in-between, everything comes down to those two simple choices.


And so, maybe now is a good time for us to check in with ourselves and ask ourselves how we’ve been showing up lately.


Not just in light of the recent atrocities, but at any time, because the choices we’re making and how we are showing up create a ripple effect to those around us.


However we decide to show up, will create a mirror for others to do the same.


So even in the small things, even in the little annoyances in life, let’s choose love, let’s choose strength, let’s choose positivity, and let’s choose happiness and show up as strong and as loving as we can be, even in the face of darkness and adversity.


Because fear isn’t power, love is.


And the more we can come back to this, despite it being very difficult to at times when we can be lost for words with regards to what happens around us, the more confidently we can move forward.


With certainty.


With hope.


With love.



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Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards

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Natalie guides courageous entrepreneurs to reconnect to their hearts and get their most aligned work out into the world. A certified Forrest Yoga and iRest meditation teacher, Natalie weaves these aspects into her coaching, setting the stage for deep and soulful enquiry with her clients, allowing them to get to the heart of what they want from business & life and focus on the work that matters to them the most.
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