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Why You Can’t Do This Alone!

I remember the first time my coach told me I needed to hire an assistant. My response was “But I can’t afford it”. And I couldn’t. I had been running my entire show alone, running around like a crazy person because I was used to doing that and I was just completely unable to conceive of how I would be able to get someone else to support me because I wasn’t making enough money in my business.

The problem with this mindset, was that I was in lack.

I had spent years telling myself “You can’t afford it”. With holidays, career-moves, investing in courses or trainings, and now it was showing up in my business.

Until I realised that instead of making statements of lack, what I actually needed to be doing instead was asking intelligent questions.

Questions like….

“How can I find a way to hire someone?”

“What could my business look like if I had more help?”

And most importantly “Can I afford NOT to hire someone to help me?”

If there’s one huge lesson I’ve learnt as an entrepreneur it’s that none of us can do this alone. It’s impossible to build a vision, much less just run an average business, without the right support and a team in place who are committed to building it with you.

We can convince ourselves that we can do everything alone, trust me I did this for YEARS, but the reality is that we can’t, unless we want to burn out and actually ENJOY feeling completely exhausted, winding up wondering why we ever started on this journey in the first place.

So if you’re reaching burn-out right now, if you’ve been doing everything yourself and maybe even if you’ve not been getting results, or you’ve been getting them but have been feeling resentful about the work, ask yourself this…

Is this really how you want to spend your time?

Is this really what you left the 9-5 behind for?


I mean seriously, you have all this amazing talent and potential and creativity within you that’s just bursting to get out, yet you’re choosing to waste hours every day doing admin, filing receipts, managing emails or doing social media.

That’s not creating.

That’s not nourishing yourself.

And that’s not a way for you to stay in your zone of genius.

Ask yourself how you’d really like to spend your time, how you’d really like your days to look, and then figure out how you can make that happen starting today.

The big question here to ask once you’ve taken a moment to step back from this noise is “How much time am I spending in my business versus working ON my business?”


Working in our businesses means we get lost in the day to day, we get ‘busy’, we get distracted and we can often round out the day feeling like we’ve achieved, well, not much.

Working ON our business means we’ve scheduled time to be creative, that we have time for sacred self-care, and that we’ve put into action new ideas and been able to be of SERVICE to our clients and employees.


Can you see the difference?

If you’re in the frazzle zone right now and you know you need support but you’re not sure where to start, here’s what you can do next…


1. Take a breath. Tune into your body and allow yourself to stop. And simply acknowledge that it’s all got a little too much. Congratulate yourself for doing so much but take a moment to come to terms with the fact that you don’t have to do it all, it’s not supposed to be a struggle, and that you are deserving of support. Keep breathing!


2. Write down EVERYTHING that you’re doing in your business that is taking you away from the things you love. Ask yourself if these tasks are 1. Things you actually enjoy, and 2. Things that are helping you grow your business. This will allow you to quickly see where the balance is off. For instance, if you’re a people person and you love connecting 1:1 with others, but you’re spending your days stuck inside doing Facebook ads, that MIGHT be why your partner keeps coming home finding you in tears and you’re not making any progress 😉


3. Once you can see what you can take off your plate, find someone who can manage that for you. Hire an assistant via Upwork or talk to friends or old colleagues who might be looking for part-time work. And always, always invest before you’re ready. Yes I know it can feel scary, but the results you’ll see in your business, your energy and in the way you’re able to show up for your clients and family will allow you to see that’s it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself.


Thinking we have to do this entrepreneurship thing alone is simply a belief and it’s one of lack. Sure, there are periods of time where we can just tick over, but ultimately as you grow, you WILL need support and it’s about dropping into the idea that you deserve that help and support. Support from a tribe of like-minded people, support from those around you, and support from a team who can help you in areas they excel in that you might not be so hot at.

Don’t struggle the way I did and reach burn-out or resentment because you don’t have enough time for you. Business is not about the tick-list, it’s about your vision, you dreams, and there are people out there who are waiting to help you build those.


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Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards

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