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You Don’t Need to Know All the Answers

So, my darling, what do you really want your life to look like?


What do you really want to do with this beautiful miracle of a life you’ve been given?


How are you going to spend your precious time before you die? (Yes I said die, because that is where we’re all headed in case you forgot for a second!)


And most importantly, how do you want to FEEL?


Have you taken a moment lately, a breath even, to really stop and consider this?


Because it’s not about all the shit you have to do, the people you have to please, the things you have to cross off your list, and the places you feel you have to run to, and fast.


No, it’s really all about you my darling, and what you really want.


Otherwise, what did you think you were doing here?


What did you think you were put here for?


Take some time to reflect.


Is the way you’re doing things right now working for you?


Is it feeling good?


If not, is it time to take another direction?


What do you want to build?


What do you want to create?


What do you want to look back at and be proud of?


Because these moments that are passing us by, the days spent wishing it was 5pm so you could rush home, or the hours spent staring at the clock wishing it was the weekend already, or the time lost watching endless episodes of the latest box-set, those are the chances for us to build something that’s just ours.


Those are the moments we need to grab with both hands.


We have chances every single day to create something that’s ours to hold and cherish forever.


Something born from a power outside of ourselves, outside of the lines society draws for many of us, outside of the box we can sometimes feel crammed into by our jobs, our responsibilities, our own limitations and negative voices.


We have opportunities to say hell no to the stuff that makes us feel constricted, in lack, run-down, tired, depleted, (even though it might sometimes seem hard to say no), and we have the opportunity to choose instead the things that light us up, make us come alive, and make us literally want to burst into action because we’re so excited about the possibility of what lies ahead.


How about choosing that? How about choosing the good stuff?


It doesn’t matter what it is.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the exact method or formula or marketing strategy.


No, you don’t need to know all the answers right now. How can you? None of us can know it all in every moment.


You just need to know what’s true for you, right now, in this moment.


You just need to know what makes you feel supported, loved, vibrant, alive.


It really is that simple.


When we strip everything back, all we really need to know is what we’d do even if it was never going to make us any money.


What would we happily do for the rest of our days because we loved doing it so much, because it feels like part of who we are, because we want to do it for the sheer joy of it.


And it doesn’t have to be an exact, scientifically figured-out road-map right now.


It just has to start with a feeling.


That’s all.


A feeling in your bones that you’re on the right path.


A tingling in your spine that is pulling you towards your secret dream.


That’s it, that’s what it is.


Follow that feeling.


Follow it every single day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day.


And don’t let it out of your site for one single second.


Because that feeling is your guide.


Your intuition.


Your knowing.


And that feeling is going to take you to where you’re dreaming of going.


I know you can’t see how just yet, but that doesn’t matter.


I know you can’t see it as a practical or ‘realistic’ step (even though I hate the word realistic), but it doesn’t matter my darling.


You take care of being you and showing up consistently and following your gut.


And the universe will take care of the rest.


The unfolding is none of your business.


The listening and showing up is.




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Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards

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Natalie guides courageous entrepreneurs to reconnect to their hearts and get their most aligned work out into the world. A certified Forrest Yoga and iRest meditation teacher, Natalie weaves these aspects into her coaching, setting the stage for deep and soulful enquiry with her clients, allowing them to get to the heart of what they want from business & life and focus on the work that matters to them the most.
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