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You Only Lose What You Cling To

The inner workings of the Universe are none of our business.


It’s simply up to us to trust that the Universe knows what it’s doing, set our intentions and then surrender them.


I know this can feel scary, terrifying even, especially when we sometimes pin all our hopes and dreams on one outcome, and I’m not saying that our hopes and dreams and goals aren’t important, but this is where releasing the outcome becomes one of our most vital tools in business and in life.


If we’re really attached to an outcome – whether it’s with a relationship, a career move, a business idea, or anything else – it means we’re clinging onto that outcome for dear life and creating undue pressure within ourselves to realise it.


But what we so often forget is that we have no control over anything.






Need a reminder? Well do you know what’s going to happen to you in 2 minutes time?


2 hours time?

2 days?

2 weeks?

2 years?




We have no control over the future and the sooner we accept that, the better.


“You only lose what you cling to.” – Buddha.


If we’re holding onto something it means we’re trying to control it, and the more we try and control it, the more it’s going to wriggle away from us.


In an attempt to control, we create struggle, we sometimes create chaos, and we pave the way for frustration and anger to come knocking at our door, and as we all know, frustration and anger aren’t people we want to spend much time with where possible.


Have you been experiencing this lately? Have you been feeling this sense of frustration or struggle within yourself because you’ve been wrestling with something you’re trying to create, finish, or even change?


How would it feel to just let it go?


Surrender it all to the Universe?


Because if you can do this, or even if you can inch towards this, you’ll create the space you need to allow yourself to receive something even greater than the original ‘plan’ you had in mind.


You’ll open up a new window and through that window will flood in endless possibility that you could never have even imagined (well, actually you COULD have imagined it but you were too busy over there waiting for that other pot to boil).


See what I’m getting at here?


Sometimes when we’re waiting, clinging on, expecting, struggling, and getting frustrated that something isn’t working,we’re missing out.


We’re missing out on life.


We’re missing out on opportunity and inspiration.


We’re missing all the other things that are on their way to us, or sometimes those amazing, delightful and joyous things are actually already present in our worlds, but we’ve just been too distracted to notice them.


If we can open ourselves up to just ‘being’ more, instead of ‘doing’, then we can learn the beautiful art of surrendering, letting go, filling up, and being supported by the Universe.


You’ll know when you’re there.


It will become easier the more you are able to connect with it.


Because you’ll be able to feel it in your body.


You’ll be able to notice it straight away by looking for two simple things:


Contraction or expansion.


So right now, which of those two are you feeling within your body?


If you’re feeling contraction, it usually manifests itself in our chests so we can sometimes have trouble breathing, our heart can feel heavy, our ribs can feel tight and stuck, and we can experience lower back pain, soreness in our gut or bad digestion.


If you’re feeling expansive, it usually manifests as a feeling of lightness, the joints feel more free and open, there’s a sense of peace in the lower belly, our chests and collarbones feel open and our shoulders and neck feel relaxed.


So how are you feeling right now?


If you’re feeling constricted, you can actually choose to feel differently, and open yourself up with this one simple move:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through the nose…

Hold it for a count of 5…

Then exhale slowly through the mouth.


And repeat.


And then just notice how much more open you feel.


Notice how much easier things feel.


Notice how just for that one moment, you weren’t completely consumed by your thoughts and you let go of that outcome you’ve been focusing on.


If you can keep leaning into this way of being and feeling, if you can start to trust and surrender your thoughts and wishes, you’ll switch your energy, you’ll show the Universe that you have full faith in its power, and you’ll open up a channel that will allow you to receive everything you’ve ever wanted.




This article has been republished with permission, and originally appeared on www.natedwards.co.uk

Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards

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